Dear Readers,

I know many of you have fallen by the wayside due to my lack of postings. Things have been a mess recently in terms of work and scheduling and time for blogging seems harder to come by.

In December, I spent a grueling three weeks writing, reporting, shooting, recording and editing so I could conceivably earn my Masters’ Degree on time. I recently got word that I passed all my course admirably and will have my degree conferred before the winter is over. OMG, I’m a master of something. Weird.

The holidays offered less of an opportunity to blog. I spent most of the Christmas break packing and moving all of my things out of my Cincinnati apartment and putting them in storage. There really is no point is hanging onto a just-in-case apartment in Ohio because I now realize I’m not going to be living there anymore. Before, I kept it around in the off chance I might move back, but I can’t see that occurring anytime in the foreseeable future. New York provides me the stimuli, resources and job prospects  I need to make it as a journalist and until I run out of money or work, I’ll be hanging around the five boroughs.

I see a few of you still consistently show up looking for new content on a regular basis. To you, I say, thanks for your patience. I plan to update more regularly this year and hopefully develop more of a presence. Come what may, I’ll at least post stories and videos I’m working on. I recently was hired as  a full-time reporting intern at the Associated Press, so I should have a TON of new content coming VERY soon. 

For now, stay tuned for all my final projects from my last semester at NYU in addition to my first piece on Sirius XM’s OutQ News.

Thanks again for sticking around.



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